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iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases

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iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases

BodyGuardz Paradigm™ Grip Case with TriCore™ Protection for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
BodyGuardz SlideVue® Case with Unequal® Technology for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
BodyGuardz Accent Duo Case with TriCore™ Protection for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
BodyGuardz Accent Wallet Case with TriCore™ Protection for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
BodyGuardz Paradigm S Case with TriCore™ Protection for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
BodyGuardz Momentum™ Case with TriCore™ Protection for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Cases for the iPhone 11 Pro Max take smartphone protection to the next level.

Together with screen protectors, iPhone 11 Pro Max cases by BodyGuardz will help maintain the life and functionality of your smartphone.

The BodyGuardz collection features eight unique cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max—each uniquely designed for the discerning user who is as preoccupied with case technology as the look and feel of a case.

Choosing Between Unequal® and TriCore™ Technology For iPhone 11 Pro Max

BodyGuardz iPhone 11 Pro Max cases feature two innovative technologies that power-up our promise of performance, protection, and premium quality materials. We use Unequal composite and layered TriCore technology to create cases that provide unparalleled protection and flexible design aesthetics.

- Unequal Gel Technology

Unequal gel technology is used in protective sports gear, especially in high contact and impact sports such as football, hockey, soccer, and lacrosse. Unequal gel is a patented technology designed to reduce the acceleration of drops and eliminate impact damage by absorbing and dispersing the force of the shock. BodyGuardz line of iPhone 11 Pro Max cases infused with Unequal gel handle blunt-force trauma and retain their strength over time.

Layered TriCore Technology

BodyGuardz layered TriCore technology also enhances the durability and functionality of our iPhone 11 Pro Max cases.

TriCore is an innovative system of protection that keeps our cases on-trend, with superior impact defense—ensuring they are lightweight and never clunky. TriCore includes the power of shock-absorbing Unequal impact material, a rigid torsion plate aimed at reducing twists on impact, and a solid outer layer with a reinforced bumper for style and cushioning.

Which Case is Right For You?

Even though our iPhone 11 Pro Max cases feature innovative technologies such as Unequal gel and layered TriCore protection, they have their own unique design features meant for specific users.

The Accent™ Duo case, for example, is inspired by the everyday handbag or tote, featuring a chic and stylish design that travels well.

All our phone cases are wireless-charging compatible while still comprising their individual aesthetic. You can always stay protected even while recharging.

1) If You Need a Case You Can Travel With, Choose…

While traveling with your iPhone 11 Pro Max, consider two things: The first is portability and the second is durability. You’ll need a case that protects your phone from high-impact skids or drops, especially if you are running to catch a train or handle luggage. You may also need a case that allows you to store your most essential bank or credit cards.

For travel, the Accent™ Wallet or the Momentum™ are the right iPhone 11 Pro Max cases for you. The Accent Wallet features our layered TriCore protection and a handy, snug seam for your bank cards. The Momentum’s design is inspired by and uses materials featured in performance running shoes for traction and protection.

2) If You’re Looking for a Case That Shows Off Your Phone, Choose…

Three distinct case options are available for users who love to show off the iconic Apple logo and sleek iPhone 11 Pro Max design, while still protecting their phones.

The beautiful Harmony™ case features subtle ombré color tones with a creative gradient while maintaining transparency.

The Paradigm™ S case, comprising a transparent, reflective back and a solid bumper all around, protects your phone from up to 10-foot drops.

The classic, clean Ace Pro® case, which comes in a range of trending colors and a transparent back, provides slim, lightweight design—all with the protective power of Unequal.

3) If You Want a Better Grip On Your Phone, Choose…

Not all case grips are created the same but all BodyGuardz cases include the protection of either TriCore or Unequal technology. BodyGuardz has three different designs aimed at enhancing the way you carry and hold your phone.

The Accent™ Duo features dual-texture premium leather protection along with a handy wrist strap.

The SlideVue™ offers a user-friendly fingerloop that’s great for holding your phone and doubles up as a kickstand for watching videos.

The Paradigm™ Grip was designed specifically for users who want a supple and soft comfort-grip texture.

Protect Your iPhone 11 Pro Max Case the BodyGuardz Way

If you’re ready to take your iPhone 11 Pro Max case to the next level, choose from our curated collection of premium cases. The BodyGuardz difference is in the way we infuse great design with unparalleled protection technology.

All our products are tested in extreme environments and come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Take advantage of our free lifetime replacement offer for the ultimate in device protection.