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iPhone Xr Cases

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BodyGuardz offers six cases for iPhone XR, ranging from performance to fashion-oriented. All our cases offer high levels of protection and are compatible with BodyGuardz screen protectors to provide 360-degree defense for your device. Don’t worry if the perfect case didn’t jump out at you at first glance. This case shopping guide makes it easy to match the right product for your device and personal style with a case that will enhance your iPhone XR experience. Get the most out of your phone and get the peace of mind knowing that it can withstand everyday drops and wear-and-tear.

Harmony™ iPhone XR Case

The BodyGuardz Harmony case transforms your smartphone from a plain old device to a fashion accessory while providing the protection it needs. The Harmony case is available in five colors. Each features an eye-catching ombre, so your device will be unlike any of your friends’ phones. The stylish metallic button accents add a touch of class. Metallic mesh screens cover your phone’s fragile speakers and amplify sound. More than just a pretty face, however, the Harmony cover features protective elements to keep your phone safe. Patented Unequal® gel is injected into the case to absorb impact. There is also a soft bumper that goes around the case to cover your phone’s edges. A raised bezel on the front of the case gives the screen much-needed protection. The Harmony iPhone XR case is also wireless charging compatible.

Ace Pro® iPhone XR Case

Sleek and lightweight, the Ace Pro case protects without bulk and is designed for people who believe less is more. The Ace Pro phone cover is minimal, but it is far from basic. This is our most popular case for good reason. Ace Pro is stylish with several colors to choose from—most with a bit more color around the edges than on the transparent (or mostly transparent) rigid backplate. This iPhone XR cover provides more protection than most competitors’ bulky cases without being heavy, clunky, or hard to get into your pocket. Our engineers use high-tech materials, including patented Unequal® technology that absorbs and diffuses impact, to achieve industry-leading protection with low-profile design. The edges of the device are covered by a soft TPU material. The screen is protected from drops by a raised bezel, and the Ace Pro case is designed to fit perfectly with our Pure 2 screen protector for iPhone XR.

Shock™ iPhone XR Case

Shock flies under the radar in low-key style. This black case is all business, but it has a softer side, too. Soft-touch TPU surrounds your device, making it easy to grip, and Shock’s no-slip texture prevents drops. This soft TPU bumper covers the edges and a raised bezel steps up when your screen is in danger. When the unexpected does happen, however, the Shock case’s protective technologies keep a little slip from turning into a big headache. Patented Unequal composite surrounds your device in a high-tech barrier. Used by top athletes in their body armor, Unequal adds a tough layer of protection to keep your device safe in the event of a drop. The Shock phone cover is designed to fit perfectly with BodyGuardz screen protectors, as well. You can rest easy knowing your iPhone XR is safe from harm with Shock.

SlideVue® iPhone XR Case

With its patent-pending finger loop, SlideVue is perfect for film buffs and aspiring YouTube celebrities. Use the finger loop to secure your device while you make selfie videos or document news-worthy events. The finger loop doubles as a kickstand so you can film yourself hands-free or enjoy a movie with a friend. When you aren’t using it, the finger loop folds flat into the back of the case. SlideVue isn’t just a video accessory, however. This stylish case features patented Unequal protective technology to cover your phone if it is dropped. A soft, easy-to-grip TPU bumper surrounds your iPhone XR for added protection. The bumper is shaped to feel just like the edge of your XR and the clear back panel shows off your phone’s styling, so you don’t lose the look and feel you love. SlideVue is also designed with a raised front bezel to protect the screen. It fits perfectly with BodyGuardz screen protectors. SlideVue iPhone XR cases are also wireless charging compatible.

Trainr Pro® iPhone XR Case

Your phone holds your music, your podcasts, and your connection to the outside world—making it essential to your workout. Built for people who are serious about working out, the Trainr Pro iPhone XR case comes equipped with a detachable armband to keep your device safe during intense physical activity. Trainr Pro’s armband features a quick-release mechanism that lets you pop it off the band to check messages or snap a quick photo, without missing a beat. The Trainr Pro cover for iPhone XR is made with tough, lightweight materials that won’t slow you down. The clear polycarbonate backplate covers the back of your phone and shows off your device. Trainr Pro’s edges are made with a lightweight, sport-grip material that prevents damage and makes your phone easy to hold. The Trainr Pro case is made with high-tech Unequal composite for ultra-tough, lightweight protection.

Ace Fly™ iPhone XR Case

Apple products have a long history of trendsetting style and the iPhone XR is certainly no exception. The iPhone’s beautiful, functional design is one of the reasons customers are drawn to it and why it’s the most copied smartphone on the market. Rather than cover the iPhone XR’s world-renowned design, the Ace Fly case accentuates it with curves that hug the phone, using a completely transparent case material. The Ace Fly case also features patented Unequal composite material that provides exceptional protection despite its low profile. A soft, rounded bumper surrounds the case to protect the edges of the device, and a rigid backplate prevents damage caused by twisting when the phone is dropped. A raised bezel around the front of the case protects the screen. The Ace Fly case is designed to fit BodyGuardz screen protectors perfectly for full, 360-degree protection.

Screen Protectors for iPhone XR

BodyGuardz offers several screen protector options for iPhone XR. They come in ultra-durable tempered glass or shatterproof synthetic glass. A wide variety of features is available, ranging from blue-light filters to privacy glass that covers your valuable data from roaming eyes. All our cases are compatible with BodyGuardz screen protectors to give your device 360-degree drop and scratch protection. BodyGuardz screen protectors are crystal clear and won’t affect your phone’s touch sensitivity.