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iPhone 13 mini Cases

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iPhone 13 mini Cases

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BodyGuardz Ace Pro® Case for iPhone 13 mini
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BodyGuardz Carve™ Case for iPhone 13 mini
BodyGuardz Solitude™ Case for iPhone 13 mini

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The iPhone 13 mini is the definition of a small phone that packs a big punch. It may not have all the bells and whistles of other new iPhone models, but it’s still seen appealing upgrades over the 12 mini including an improved wide-angle camera lens. Our cases offer a similar combination of sleek style and powerful functionality. Need help picking out the perfect product for you and your phone? Take a look at our shopping guide for iPhone 13 mini cases.

Mix-and-Match Styles for Compact Design

There is no wrong way to style your iPhone 13 mini, but you’ll have plenty of options with our collection of cases. Show off the color and lines of your phone casing with one of our clear-back cases and frosted bumper edges. You can find this clear style at any price point and level of protection. You can also find a wide selection of color choices including coral, gray, purple, pink, red, and several hues of blue and green. Each case also offers its own sense of style and design options. Check out the uniquely textured edge of the Carve case, or the crystal-clear back and solid-color bumpers of the Rivet.

Managing Battery Capacity with MagSafe

The iPhone 13 mini has more battery capacity than the 12 mini, but it’s not as big as some were hoping for. Still, you can create a smartphone experience with a device that stays charged for when you need it most. One obvious way to compensate for the lower-battery capacity is to upgrade your options for recharging the device. Save the money you would have spent on a bulkier iPhone and put it toward a MagSafe charger. We have you covered with two amazing MagSafe cases.

Cases with Max Protection and a Mini Footprint

Our iPhone 13 mini cases are made responsibly without sacrificing quality. Each case is designed with an incredible attention to detail and backed by our limited lifetime warranty. We’ve incorporated bioplastics into each of our case designs, including 100% bioplastic construction with the Solitude and Ace Pro cases. Our anti-scratch, anti-stain, antimicrobial treatment creates an unbelievably durable case using a more energy-efficient application than our competitors. Our packaging is made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials. We make a big impact where we can, while minimizing our impact on the environment.

Shop iPhone 13 mini Screen Protectors and Other Accessories

Don’t let the smaller screen display fool you into thinking you can skimp on screen protection. Our iPhone 13 mini screen protectors are an essential accessory for protecting your device and enhancing your smartphone experience. Discover the benefits of tempered glass and synthetic glass screen protection. Prefer to shop for a case and screen protector together for even more savings? Check out our main accessory shopping page for the iPhone 13 mini.

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