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Apple iPhone 7 BodyGuardz® Pure® 2 Edge Premium Glass Screen Protector
Most Popular
Apple iPhone 7 BodyGuardz Pure® 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector

It is easy to get too wrapped up in the most obvious change on the iPhone 7—namely the loss of the 3.5mm headphone jack. While Apple’s push towards wireless may not be ideal for some, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. With incredible features such as a water-resistant phone, a fantastic camera, improved battery life, and stereo speakers—you cannot go wrong with an iPhone 7.

While the iPhone 7 may handle water, it is still not drop resistant. We recommend shielding your phone with our award-winning BodyGuardz® protection. Whether you are looking for a solid case for your iPhone 7 that is sleek in profile with incredibly tough technology, or an iPhone 7 screen protector built to absorb heavy impact, you will ensure your investment is well protected.

Q: How do I get bubbles out of my iPhone 7 screen protector?
A: Some bubbles will be present while your protector cures and will usually work themselves out within 24-48 hrs.
Q: Will my iPhone 7 screen protector leave a sticky residue?
A: There should not be any residue left behind after a protector is removed. The adhesive is water-soluble, though, and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.
Q: Will my iPhone 7 screen protector move around after it is installed on my screen?
A: Once BodyGuardz screen protectors are adhered to the screen they cannot be moved.
Q: Where can I find instructions for installing my iPhone 7 screen protector?
A: Please click here for detailed instructions and how-to videos on the application process.
Q: What materials are used to make your iPhone 7 products?
A: BodyGuardz Pure is made from premium tempered glass. UltraTough is the same material used to protect the front of cars from scratches and rock chips. ScreenGuardz HD Impact is a hard PET material with impact-protection features. Privacy ScreenGuardz is a hard PET material that provides 4-way privacy at a 45-degree angle or more. Classic ScreenGuardz is a vinyl material. Carbon Fiber is made with PVC material.
Q: How does the iPhone 7 screen protector adhere to my phone?
A: Our screen protectors are designed to last as long as you want protection. All of our iPhone 7 screen protectors have a light adhesive backing, except for our Classic Clear ScreenGuardz, which adheres statically. Our screen protectors will not come off unless removed by the user.