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iPhone SE (2 gen) Screen Protectors

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iPhone SE (2 gen) Screen Protectors

Apple iPhone SE (2nd Gen) PRTX® Shatterproof Synthetic Glass Screen Protector

Some people just have to have the latest and greatest. These are the folks we see camped out in front of the Apple Store the night before a new iPhone is launched. Many don’t mind shelling out $1000 for a new device. Others would rather save a few bucks to get current, if not cutting-edge, technology. Apple’s new iPhone SE 2nd Generation targets this second group—the tech-savvy but reasonably frugal. With iPhone’s current budget device, the iPhone 8, having launched in September of 2017, the frugal have waited quite a while. The wait is finally over—the iPhone SE 2nd Generation is here.

What It's Got

The new iPhone SE is similar to the iPhone 8 with a couple important upgrades. It shares its chipset (motherboard, basically) with the iPhone 11. The base iPhone SE 2nd Generation comes with 32GB of storage and a 64GB model is available. The best feature, of course, is the price. At just $400, the 2nd Generation iPhone SE is $50 less than the iPhone 8 and under half the price of the iPhone 11 Pro.

What It's Not

Naturally, Apple had to make a few compromises to make this price possible. The iPhone SE 2nd Generation comes with Touch ID, rather than the more convenient Face ID. The camera is a single-lens unit, so it lacks some of the higher-end features of the dual- and triple-lens cameras. Lastly, screen resolution is the same as the iPhone 8—750 x 1334.

Even with a few compromises, the iPhone SE 2nd Generation is a great deal. $400 is $400, though, and everyone can use the extra peace of mind of having their new device protected. Fortunately, BodyGuardz has developed a whole line of protective products for the new iPhone. The new products include iPhone SE screen protectors, cases, and phone skins. Shop phone cases for the iPhone SE 2nd Generation

The thin glass screen is the most vulnerable part of the smartphone. We offer two screen protectors, specifically designed for the Gen 2 iPhone SE.

BodyGuardz Pure 2 Screen Protector for iPhone SE 2nd Generation

Pure 2 is the first glass iPhone SE 2nd Generation screen protector in the US to utilize our innovative aluminosilicate. This technology makes Pure 2 much more durable than the soda-lime glass found in most other screen covers. At the same time, we can make Pure 2 thinner than other covers for incredible sensitivity. The Pure 2 iPhone SE screen protector also comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth and our patented Express Align® tray for easy installation. Shop Pure 2 for iPhone SE 2nd Generation

BodyGuardz PRTX Screen Protector for iPhone SE 2nd Generation

PRTX is a revolutionary shatterproof synthetic glass screen protector. It’s coated with an anti-smudge coating that repels liquids and makes it easier to keep your screen clean and smudge-free. PRTX comes in three variants: Clear, Privacy, and EyeGuard. Clear is a standard clear protector, Privacy protects your screen from prying eyes, and EyeGuard blocks blue light to protect your eyes and avoid sleep pattern interruption for late-night users.

The iPhone SE 2nd Generation replaces the iPhone 8 as Apple’s entry-level device. Although it’s Apple’s most affordable phone, it includes modern features for the reasonably frugal tech-savvy customer. In anticipation of the new iPhone’s release, the good folks at BodyGuardz have developed a line of Gen 2 iPhone SE cases, iPhone SE screen protectors and iPhone SE skins to provide a little peace of mind to proud new 2nd Generation iPhone SE owners. Shop PRTX for iPhone SE 2nd Generation