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Providing the best cooking experiences with fun activities

Young chefs in our community, and in our Cooking Summer Camps, are encouraged to participate in an immersive culinary adventure through the Tiny Chefs seasonal cooking experiences.

These experiences give young chefs the tools they need to grow their knowledge of the culinary arts and self-confidence. Every day is jam-packed with exciting, hands-on activities, and we learn new culinary skills and methods throughout the course.

Our seasoned team is prepared to provide a well-rounded experience that is both informative and enjoyable from a gastronomic point of view.

Seasonal camp activities are accessible throughout the year; in fact, we are open whenever schools are out of session.

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What you'll experience:

Every week, brand new dishes, methods, and topics will be covered!

Entertaining tests of skill and contests

Techniques, hints, and advice for cooking that are both traditional and innovative

The curriculum was developed and is being tested by our team of seasoned chefs here at TINYCHEFSΒ 

Lessons that are developed to inspire creative expression and the uncovering of discoveries

There is something here for cooks of all expertise levels, from the novice to the seasoned pro!

The most recent developments in the culinary industry are pushing the boundaries of their creative potential!

Children adore coming to our camps

The instructors at Tiny Chefs bring the WOW to full-day, full-week camps where children work together in teams to cook their way through the week’s curriculum.

We have a camp for every passion, whether your child enjoys cooking, baking, creating, roasting, sautΓ©ing, frying, or blending. Because our programs are geared at children of varying ages, participants are placed in one of three age-specific groups.

Every chef will get a chance to sample everything that they prepare. And they will take the recipes home with them to use at a later time. This is a camp that emphasizes hands-on cooking.

Tiny Chefs prepares three to four recipes daily, spend some time outside (if the weather permits), and engage in other enjoyable activities connected to the topic for which they have signed up. The ages for camps are 6-12.

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